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Adrienne Cohen, freelance writer, excels at using words to tell the stories that are all around us -- the stories that profile our humanity and celebrate it; the stories that portray the world as is it, or the ones that show it the way it should be. Trained as a journalist, she is dedicated to accuracy above all else; but is adept at highlighting innovation, creativity and quality. She focuses on providing writing and editing services that always meet or exceed client expectations and conform to the highest standards of reliability, relevance and worth.

No stranger to research, this writer also possesses real-world experience in home building and design, home staging, real estate, advertising and marketing, and entrepreneurial business. Her passions include travel, history, photography, urban agriculture, islands and recreational boating. Her published works range from political commentary to poetry, from packing tips to recipes, and from personality profiles to travel memoirs. Adrienne can be opinionated, but is also fair and open to opposing viewpoints; she adores spirited discussion and lives by the tenet: "Question everything."

Won't you browse through this website and get to know me through my writings? If you have a need for my services, let's talk. I would enjoy discussing your upcoming project or your ongoing needs.

Published work appears in Texas Gardener,

Coldwell Banker Blue Matter (2013-2014),,, Green Phoenix, and numerous other publications.

Former contributor to Yahoo,;

Member: North American Travel Journalists Association - View My Profile