Adrienne Cohen

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Welcome to my World:

It's an exciting world of words, and of ideas, of far-flung places and interesting spaces.

I am a teller of tales . . .

I can tell your story to the world, or help you speak to your clients and employees. I will help you express your ideas, organize your thoughts, build a business presentation, write a letter, draft a speech or revitalize your website. I'll never put words in your mouth; working together, we'll find your voice, and tell your story loud and clear.

Let's explore together -- this world of words. Along the way, I'll write a few words of my own. Sometimes I'll pass the "pen" to other writers; occasionally, I might even write about writing. Please travel with me. It's sure to be an exciting journey. 

Life is a trip, isn't it? Every day, in every way. Whether I help you tell your story, or you simply read my stories, I hope the journey will be enjoyable. Keep a bag packed; you never know when a trip will begin!

What I Do:

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Based in Texas -- Dallas-Fort Worth Area